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COLD JUSTICE - Roger Daltrey, Dennis Waterman (1991) 2xDVD



A working class update on "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf" played out between two couples on a weekend camping trip. Roger and Val have been married for ten years, Edwin and Philipa for seven. During that time they spent every social hour together. But each is living a double life. Sheltered existences, sexual instability, clandestine affairs and frustrated achievements lead them to crave release in a game of murder. Each has the motive and the desire. Each is the hunter and the hunted. They walk the tight-rope between stability and insanity.            

CAST: Roger Daltrey, Toyah Wilcox, Leslie Ash, Terry Raven, Sarah Jane McKechnie.  DIR: Morris Barry (1984)


Chicago. Winter. In the imposing shadow of the Sears Tower, the Sin Bin saloon shelters its rabble of regulars, the love-lorn, lost souls and lawmen - wasting their lives in the Windy City. But on a seemingly ordinary day, a ray of hope radiates over West 18th Street... Dennis Waterman is English priest Father Jim who comes to Chicago in search of his missing brother. Unlike any other cleric Father Jim gives guidance and help to the unfortunate souls of the Sin Bin including troubled ex-boxer Gibson (Roger Daltrey). But when a shadow of doubt is cast over the true identity of their new guiding light, Father Jim finds his flock turning away from him. The consequences are violent and tragic                   

CAST: Dennis Waterman, Roger Daltrey, Penelope Milford, Ron Dean.  DIR: Terry Green (1991)

Time:  199 mins approx
Region: 2, 4,  / PAL
Subtitles:  None
Sound:  DD5.1 Stereo / English
Picture:  1.33:1 / Colour
Number of Discs:  2 [2xMovies]
Classification:  M