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Several eminent men in high finance have been murdered. No. 1 is called in to his superior's office at M.I.5 and told to get to the bottom of it. A beautiful female agent named Anna is assigned to No. 1. Together they set about searching for the villain who turns out to be a millionaire named Arthur Loveday. Loveday quite openly admits to having a long list of men in high finance that he wants to see dead, he challenges No. 1 to try and stop him.           

CAST: Nicky Henson, Aimi, MacDonald, Jon Pertwee, Richard Todd, Geoffrey Keen, Sue Lloyd, Dudley Sutton, Katya Wyeth.
DIR: Lindsay Shonteff (1977)

LICENSED TO LOVE AND KILL aka The Man From S.E.X. [1979]:

Charles Bind, the 'Number One' agent of The British Intelligence Service, is sent to America to find a missing diplomat. Lord Dangerfield. His daughter, Carlotta Muff Dangerfield (known as 'Lotta Muff') and Senator Lucifer Orchid, an old friend of his lordship, are also looking for him. They are unaware that Senator Orchid plans to kidnap Lotta and blackmail her into forcing Lord Dangerfield to kill the President of the United States. To ensure success of his plans, Orchid hires a psychopathic mercenary, Jensen Fury, to kill Number One.                 

CAST: Gareth Hunt, Nick Tate, Gary Hope, Fiona Curzon, Deep Roy, Geoffrey Keen, Imogen Hassall, John Arnatt, John Junkin..
DIR: Lindsay Shonteff (1979)

Time:  173 mins approx
Region: 2, 4,  / PAL
Subtitles:  None
Sound:  DD5.1 & DD2.0 / English
Picture:  16:9 / Colour
Number of Discs:  1 [2xMovies]
Classification:  M15+