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QUEST FOR LOVE - Joan Collins [1971]



Scientist Colin Trafford (Tom Bell) stumbles across a parallel world in which President Kennedy was not asassinated, Vietnam hasn't happened, and Ottilie (Joan Collins), the woman he loves, dies unexpectedly of a heart condition. While he is happy enough with the rest of his new world, he can't stand by and let his true love die in his original world, and he determines to return to his own place and time to save her.

Based on the short story ‘Random Quest’ by acclaimed writer John Wyndham.             


Joan Collins ... Ottilie / Tracy Fletcher
Tom Bell ... Colin Trafford
Denholm Elliott ... Tom Lewis
Laurence Naismith ... Sir Henry Larnstein
Lyn Ashley ... Jennifer
Juliet Harmer ... Geraldine Lambert
Neil McCallum ... Jimmy
Geraldine Gardner ... Sylvia
Jeremy Child ... Dougie Raynes
Ray McAnally ... Jack Kahn
Dudley Foster ... Grimshaw
Geraldine Moffat ... Stella
Simon Ward ... Jeremy
David Weston ... Johnny Prescott
Drewe Henley ... Man

Time:  87 mins approx
Region: 1, 2, 4,  / NTSC
Subtitles:  None
Sound:  Mono / English
Picture:  1.33:1 / Colour
Number of Discs:  1
Classification:  PG