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SECRET RITES - Alex Sanders, Penny Beeching (1971) DVD


KEEP IT UP, JACK! - Uncut Version 16:9!! (1974):

Jack is an impersonator and quick change artist. When his aunt dies leaving him a brothel Jack decides to impersonate her to run the business successfully.
All goes well until he falls in love with one of the girls.

How To Keep Seven Sexy Girls And One Big Secret!

CAST:  Mark Jones, Sue Longhurst, Frank Thornton, Linda Regan, Queenie Watts, Jenny Westbrook, Veronica Peters.  DIR:  Derek Ford (1974)


'King of the Witches' Alex Sanders initiates doe-eyed Penny into the ways of his coven               

CAST:  Alex Sanders, Penny Beeching, Lee Peters, Shirley Harmer.   DIR: Derek Ford (1971)


Time:  129 mins approx
Region: 2, 4,  / PAL
Subtitles:  None
Sound:  Mono / English
Picture:  1.33:1 / Colour
Number of Discs:  1 [2xMovies]
Classification:  R