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THE LITTLE FELLER - Steve Bisley, Sally Conabere, Lorna Lesley (1982)



Centering around the criminal activities associated with a huge land development. The graft and corruption associated with various deals and counter deals provide a background of intrigue that is both fascinating and horrifying as the heavies of all sides move in for the kill.

CAST: Steve Bisley, Barbara Llewellyn, Terry Gill, Rod Mullinar. DIR: Russell Hagg (1979)


Glenda is young, rich, beautiful and used to getting her own way with one exception. She is obsessed with her closest friend's husband and she'll murder to get him.

CAST: Steve Bisley, Lorna Lesley, Sally Conabere, Steven McLean. DIR: Colin Eggleston (1982)

Time: 165 mins approx

Region: 2, 4, / PAL

Subtitles: None

Sound: Mono / English

Picture: 1.33:1 / Colour

Number of Discs: 1 [2xMovies]

Classification: PG