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ZAPPER'S BLADE OF VENGEANCE - Linda Marlowe, Alan Lake (1974) 2for1 DVD



Harriet Zapper is a detective hired by Jeremiah Horn to locate his missing daughter Pandora, who has in fact been murdered by gangland boss Kono. With the help of three samurai imported from Japan, Zapper pursues Kono and brings him to justice            

CAST: Linda Marlowe, Jack May, Liz Fraser, Sue Bond, Elizabeth Counsell. DIR: Lindsay Shonteff (1973)


Reynaud Duval runs a fencing school, and wanting to be his father's sole heir, forces him to write a false will and then murders him. He leaves a note with the body which incriminates master swordsman Zendor. Duval's younger brother Karel hires detective Harriet Zapper and her Chinese side-kick Hock to investigate.                  

CAST: Linda Marlowe, Alan Lake, Edina Ronay, Tony Then, Jason Kemp, Peter Halliday, DIR: Lindsay Shonteff (1974)

Time:  174 mins approx
Region: 2, 4,  / PAL
Subtitles:  None
Sound:  Mono / English
Picture:  16:9 / Colour
Number of Discs:  1 [2xMovies]
Classification:  R